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The Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks

Monday, November 9th is officially Anaheim Ducks day. Ducks fans, today is your day to prove to me why I should be a fan of your team. Check out my video here and don’t forget to read the guest posts from SK and Ducks54.

Starting now ever comment, message, and tweet counts as a point for your team so start voting!

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119 Responses to “The Anaheim Ducks”

  1. Shawn H. says:

    And Comment 101 here on the Ducks page of Pick my NHL team! Woo! Thanks to all you Ducks fans! Keep em’ Comin!

  2. Shawn H. says:

    Well, just because Detroit cheats to win doesn’t mean we have to give up.

    Ducks won this game, I don’t care what the scoreboard said.


  3. Tara Peterson says:

    Ducks are the best team ever!

  4. Jody Foster says:

    You know you love the Ducks!

  5. Ducks54 says:

    Wow, look at the dedication of these Ducks fans!! That’s saying something, doesn’t it??

    Go Ducks!!!

  6. Shawn H. says:

    way to go Ducks fans! Keep em comin!

  7. Vicky says:

    You really need to choose the Ducks as your team!

  8. Lorraine says:

    We love our ducks! No matter what.

  9. Shawn H. says:

    Woo Hoo! We broke the 300 pt mark!

  10. Shawn H. says:

    Ducks Fly Oilers Sink!

  11. Shawn H. says:

    Oh yeah! Over 500 points!

  12. Ducks54 says:

    Go Ducks go!

    Rest up, let’s beat the Yotes!

  13. SK says:

    The Ducks are finally finding some footing (ha) and things are improving…now they just need to start picking up points against Pacific Division foes!

    GO DUCKS!!!

  14. Shawn H. says:

    Amen SK!

    Lets go Ducks, Bead dem Avs!

  15. Shawn H. says:

    Come on Ducks! only a few days left!

  16. Ducks54 says:

    C’mon Ducks, let’s finish out the year at home with a WIN!!


  17. [...] PickMyNHLTeam.com to find a favorite a hockey team using the loyalty of existing fans. Using video segments and guest blogs to attract readers, he asked fans to vote for their team to become  his team. His [...]

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