So Much To Love

So Much To Love

When you first enter the American Airlines center a wave of cool air brushes your face. If your a first time visitor it is just cold air. If you are from Dallas, it is the feeling of home. Home is also located in your seat. You sit down and stare up at our new giant LCD TV screens and wait for the warm ups. The best part of warm ups is watching the players react to the signs and children at the game. They hand out pucks to small children and occasionally that screaming girl with the black hair who is always there.

My first hockey game was Dallas Stars Vs. Minnesota Wild. It was fan night, and we were close to getting into the playoffs. I kept asking the normal first game questions. What are the blue lines for? What are the Red Lines? By the end I still didn’t grasp hockey, but I knew one thing. I loved hockey. I kept coming to the games, and suddenly the plays offs where here. By the end of the playoffs I knew everyone’s name and was extremely devout in my pre-game rituals. Everyone around me seemed just as crazy so it all worked out. People around me were still helpful and nice with my silly questions, what do you mean it’s a delay of game?

Now onto the best part of being a Stars fan: The Team.  We have some classic players, Mike Modano, Jere Lethinen, Marty Turco, and more. Of course everyone loves to watch the Greatest American Scorer of All Time play but we also love to watch the underrated players break through the radar. Example in point? Stephane Robidas. The beginning of the season even our own journalist said we didn’t have an all-star defensemen. (Obviously they’ve already forgotten the All-Star Game last year). Robidas showed against the Devils that he is a force to be reckoned with. I could list many facts about the underrated players including my favorite, Toby Petersen, but we would be here all day.

So if you are in Dallas, and you want to come see what it’s like just remember three things: You can’t miss the warm ups, We’re always patient with new hockey fans, and we have a team that may not always have points, but we have heart.

Aprill Aldridge

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  1. Dianne says:

    Yes this is right everything Aprill Said…Wat Aprill said it is actually what I feel whenever I go to the American Airlines Center :D …LETS NOT forget the awsome group that sits in section 332 THE STARS FANATICS if you sit one game with them you will understand hockey and never ask questions again..GO STARS N I hope you chose us as your team :D

  2. Travis says:

    Maybe there are other teams that would be just as good a pick as the Stars. But Ive been a fan for about 25 years now and its great to be a Stars fan. While not a ton of success in the North Star years, theres so much history going all the way back to 1967. Being one of the 6 that were part of the first expansion to the original 6. Theres something about the symbol wether it be the old North Stars or the Dallas Stars. It says hockey. Theres a sense of pride when your team originates from “The State of Hockey”. Yes they have the Wild now, but many people in Minny confess, its just not the same. And now in Dallas, theyve been one of the most successful teams over the past 15 years, and have been undergoing a rebuilding stage over the past few seasons, yet have remarkabely remained very competitive while doing so. Not many teams can do that. I cant explain what its like anymore than that really. Youll have to experience it for yourself to see what I mean. Nothings higher up than a Star, nothings brighter than a Stars, nothings as hot as a Star, and nothings so majestic as a Star.

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