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The Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings

SoCal is up again today representing the Los Angeles Kings. I decided to not only pay respect to the LA Kings, but Kings of the past and present. Make sure you catch the whole video!

Oh, and vote too! Did you check out the push the Edmonton Oilers are making? Seriously, any team can win this.

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8 Responses to “The Los Angeles Kings”

  1. Thank you for summing up the misery of our franchise’s history. Good god we really are bad!

    Look, if you’re going to be a Los Angeles Kings fan, you can’t do it by previous versions of this team. It’s a leap of faith. But it’s one that will give you joy in wins very soon. With guys like Brayden Schenn, Thomas Hickey and Kyle Clifford still not with the team, the cupboard is stocked nicely.

    Loved your salute to former Kings. I wish I had come up with that bit first!

    Keep up the great work on the site! Definite sub!

  2. johntmeyer says:

    Glad you liked it Keith and thank you for allowing me to use your blog post. I’ve linked you in the blogroll below.

    Also, no worries about wins. I’m ready to have a team with great fans, star players, a fun atmosphere, and basically whatever else comes with that team…. good or bad!

    Thanks again and let your Kings fans know they can vote here or on Twitter or Facebook. Cheers!

  3. Klemen says:

    FYI Kopitar comes from SLOVENIA!!! He Was Born in FORMER Yugoslavia, Slovenia was part of it.

  4. Josh BA Davis says:

    Dude you have to be a kings fan! We have a strong young promising team that will do us good this season and seasons to come! If you don’t choose the kings please don’t go to the dark side and pick the ducks.

  5. johntmeyer says:

    Thanks for correcting me Klemen. He does seem like a superstar in the making. I’ll count your vote for the Kings!

  6. Sarah says:

    Just please don’t become a Ducks Fan! Well, then again if you don’t know which team you like you’re probably not that big of a hockey fan. It’s decided. You are a Duck’s Fan. Ducks’ Fans don’t know anything about hockey.

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