A Canadiens Dream

A Canadiens Dream

When I was asked to write a post about why would someone be a Montreal Canadiens fan and what are some of the best things about being a Habs fan, a thousand and one things started spinning around in my head. I hope that the following information truly sums up the spirit of being a Habs fan and I do a good enough job at representing every Habs fan all over the world.

First off, one of the greatest things about the Montreal Canadiens is the history.  The Canadiens are currently celebrating their 100th anniversary.  That’s 100 years of hockey with 100 years of some of the best players in NHL history. Players like “Newsy Lalonde” who played in one of the first games the Montreal Canadiens ever played in the NHL in 1910, Guy Lafleur with 1246 goals in just 961 games, and the legendary Maurice “Rocket” Richard, the first player to ever reach 50 goals in a season and the only player to reach that feat in a 50 game season.

Not only are the players a big part of Canadiens history but so are the 24 Stanley Cups that the Canadiens have won, the most of any team in the National Hockey League.  The Canadiens’ 24 Stanley Cups are an amazing 11 more than the Toronto Maple Leafs who have the second highest amount of Stanley Cups at just 13.

If you ever have an opportunity to watch an NHL game at the Bell Centre in Montreal, DO IT!  A Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre is an experience of a lifetime.  The atmosphere is powerful to say the least.  You won’t be able to hear yourself think even if you wanted to, and that’s not even during a goal or a fantastic save!  No matter where you sit whether it be the cheap seats in the whites, or down behind the bench, you’ll experience something more than just a hockey game.

These things all make the Montreal Canadiens one of the best teams to cheer for in the NHL, but the greatest part about being a Montreal Canadiens fan is the culture.  You’re not just a Montreal Canadiens fan, you’re a Montreal Canadien.  When they’re defeated, YOU are defeated and when they win, YOU win.  Being a Canadiens fan means that you share every up and and every down, and even when things aren’t looking up you continue to believe in your team.  This is the reason that I and so many other Habs fan will sit in the front of the television or in the Bell Centre 82+ times each every year and will never doubt that the Canadiens will win no matter much they may be down.  A good example of this in the game they played against the New York Rangers where the Habs came back from a 5 goal deficit. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zACGht3qfXA&feature=fvw)

Without a doubt the Montreal Canadiens are the best team in the NHL and the team that you should cheer for.  I believe.  Do you?

- Justin Robinson, YourHabs.com

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