Oh Islanders

Oh Islanders

Why should anyone be an Islanders fan? That’s such a tough question to answer. There’ s no easy answer and not really any reason why someone from halfway across the continent should — unless, you know, enough of the internet collective votes in such a way.

Writing this post is like trying to walk a tightrope. If I lean too much to one side and say it’s awesome, amazing and splendiforous to be an Islander fan not only would I be lying but then fans of the other 29 teams will point to a million reasons why it the Islanders suck. But that’s sports. Every year, it’s no fun to be a fan of one of the 29 fanbases in the league. Only one team wins and only one fanbase is really happy (and even then they want more, more, more).

If I lean too much to the other side, saying ‘Lord no, becoming an Islander fan would be like turning into a zombie in any Hollywood apcoalypse movie’ then I would induce untold amounts of deserved hate mail from my Islander bretheren. It’s really not that bad at all and the Islanders, for many, represent Long Island. It’s our only professional sports team and distinguishes us from the rest of the region and New York City. Despite being cliche, it does give Long Island an identity whether people like it or not.

So John, there’s not an easy answer here. If you become an Islander fan, you’re doomed to a life of 16 years — and counting — between playoff series wins. On the other hand, and I know from experience, it makes the wins taste that much sweeter. Sure the Wings have won four cups in the last two decades but as Penguins fans will tell you, there’s nothing quite like 15 years of pent up emotion boiling over.

And you know what, the Islanders will be good again. And they will be good again soon. They’re not going to win four cups in a row ever again (no one will), but they finally, FINALLY, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y appear to be turning some semblance of a corner. John Tavares is like a gift from the heavens. It really doesn’t matter how good or bad a team is at drafting, when someone with MEGA talent just falls into your lap it’s hard to screw it up. Which brings me to my next point. The Islanders screw everything up. So yeah, there’s that. But hey, give ‘em a year or two and they’ll be really fun to watch.

So tread carfully.

- Kevin Schultz of Barry Melrose Rocks and NHL Fanhouse

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