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Me, You, and the Ducks on Feb 3rd

Me, You, and the Ducks on Feb 3rd

That’s right fans of PickMyNHLTeam.com it’s official. I booked my flight today from Omaha, Nebraska (yes, it’s difficult to get directly to LA form South Dakota) to Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 3rd. That very night I along with the Anaheim Ducks will be hosting a Ducks Tweetup at the game that night against the Detroit Red Wings.

Here are the details…

When: February 3rd, game starts at 7 pm and I’ll be there by 5 pm. When do warmups start?

Where: Honda Center in Anaheim, California

Who: Me, Ducks fans, and the Detroit Red Wings

Tickets are going to be just $18.50 per person. I don’t need money yet, but I need to know if you’re committed and how many tickets you want. We need to get at least 20 people together.

It’s going to be awesome!

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8 Responses to “Me, You, and the Ducks on Feb 3rd”

  1. Hi John:
    Yay! I’m in for the Red Wings game! Can’t wait to meet you and show off The Honda Center and our Ducks!

  2. Ducks54 says:

    Count me in for two tickets!

    Also can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to our Ducks! Warmups will be at about 6:30 for a 7pm game, but if there’s a group of us, we’ll want to assemble at the Ponda by 6pm so we can get seats against the glass (the ONLY spot for warmups!)

    Oooh, I’ll do a sign for us!

  3. SK says:

    I’ll be there! Can’t wait to meet you!

    GO DUCKS!!!

  4. Shawn H. says:

    I wish I could get out there sooooo bad.

    I hate being stuck here, and would have loved to been there to meet and enjoy the game with you and everyone else.

    It sucks man, really sucks.

  5. David Meyer says:

    John, you look cold, glad you have your hat on. Also glad you can get to Anaheim, get warmed up and cheer on your new team!

  6. David Meyer says:

    Oh I forgot. Awesome job on the whole series – pick my nhl team. I enjoyed everyone of the videos.Dad

  7. [...] the beginning of 2010, Meyer counted all the votes and was declared a Ducks fan. To celebrate, he attended a game on Feb. 3 in Anaheim and met many of the Duck fans who followed his [...]

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