John T. Meyer

Hi, my name is John T. Meyer and I don’t have an NHL team.

Basically, I’m a guy who really likes baseball, specifically the Minnesota Twins. I’m sad the baseball season is over. I hate the NBA. I’ve always wanted to get into the NHL, but never knew where to start or who to follow.

I spend a lot of my time online. Some studies may argue I spend too much time online. I like social media, so I decided if you can use social media to dump your girlfriend or water your plants then you can use social media to pick your favorite hockey team. Here’s how it works…

I’m going to make 30 videos on the 30 teams. I’m going to do a video on every odd numbered day starting with the Anaheim Ducks on November 9th and ending with the Washington Capitols on December 31st (alphabetical order people). Simple enough?

Now here is where YOU come in!

The videos will be posted on this site, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and wherever else the wind takes them. For every comment on the blog, retweet on Twitter, like on Facebook, etc. on why I should like a particular team that team will score a point. When the calendar turns to 2010 the team with the most points is MY NHL team.